“A Dream Will Come True!” Altcoin Price Skyrocketed!

Leading crypto Bitcoin broke the $65,000 resistance level in today’s trading session. BTC gained for the second day in a row, in anticipation of strong demand from exchange-traded funds. In this positive atmosphere, an altcoin project took off vertically after a mysterious message.

He talked about a dream coming true, the altcoin price skyrocketed!

cryptokoin.comAs you follow from , the bulls continue to run in the market. Leading crypto Bitcoin has surpassed the critical level of $65,000 and is on its way to ATH. Meanwhile, meme coin wind is blowing in the altcoin market. Besides, there are other projects that show strength. One of these was RAD, the native token of Radworks, a community-run network that builds and finances new, resilient, permissionless technologies to advance internet freedom. The team of the altcoin project made a post implying that a dream will come true. He also stated that this has been a dream of developers for a long time. In this context, the team shared the following from their official X account:

A new era begins for Radworks this month. The dream of a dominant developer stack will soon become a reality. We were silent for too long.

Following the news, the altcoin price made a vertical rise. RAD jumped from $2.25 to over $2.50 during the day. At the time of writing, RAD was trading at $2.52, up nearly 13% on a daily basis.

RAD daily price chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

There is a rush to the market amidst the bull frenzy!

Bitcoin reached $65,614, its highest level since November 2021. Meanwhile, dog-themed meme coins Shiba Inu and Dogecoin continue their rise. Investors and traders are rushing to buy cryptocurrencies amid the bull frenzy. Therefore, the crypto market is witnessing a huge inflow of funds. According to crypto analyst Ali, approximately $48.54 billion is flowing into the crypto market, which is the highest capital inflow since October 2021.

To support his claim, the analyst shared a Glassnode chart showing “total market realized value net position change.” On March 2, 30-day positive capital inflows in US dollars totaled $48.541 billion. The net position change of Bitcoin and Ethereum in dollar terms is $43.57 billion. The attached chart shows that the market is currently trending close to these numbers.

At the heart of this craze for Bitcoin is the insatiable demand from Bitcoin ETFs. Bitcoin has gained over 186% in value in the last 12 months. Since the launch of US Bitcoin ETFs, including BlackRock Inc. and Fidelity Investments invested a net $7.35 billion.

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