A Device That Allows Dogs to Call Their Owners Has Been Developed

You’ve probably heard of people who leave their home computer on and communicate with their dogs whenever they want. This is nothing new. But a new device called the DogPhone allows both parties to make calls to each other at any time.

Anyone who has a dog roommate knows; Leaving your dog alone at home for more than 1 hour can be stressful. In addition to the possibility of getting bored and upset, you may also worry about being bored too much and damaging your belongings. The solution used so far was to leave a few toys around, but as times have changed, so has our communication with pets.

Forget moving toys or dog sitters, Generation Z dogs You’re taking it too lightly. A new device developed by a woman who teaches in animal and computer communications in Scotland is ending the era when humans were the only species you ‘FaceTime’.

Pandemic dogs cannot be separated from their owners

Pets can experience separation anxiety during this period, when we partially return to normal life, as pets grown during the pandemic process are too attached to their owners. Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, a lecturer at Glasgow University in Scotland, realized this and developed a device she called the DogPhone. With this device, dogs can talk to their owners whenever they want. able to send calls to their phones and can ‘talk’ visually.

Sharing his findings on the subject with the Computer Machinery Association Digital Library, Hirskyj-Douglas realized that the technologies developed for pets were prepared for humans and wanted to develop the opposite device. Hirskyj-Douglas, a 10-year-old Labrador dog, also took inspiration from his own dog when developing the device. The working mechanic of the DogPhone, which was finally completed, is when the dog learns how to reach its owner, and when it wants to see its owner, it takes the necessary action. This move too play a ball to which the device is connected.


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Ilyena Hirskyj-Douglas, after trying this device with her dog for a while, told her that her dog would use it more or less a day. called 5 times expressed. Also, the owner could call the dog and the dog could pick up the phone if he wanted to. Thus, Hirskyj-Douglas’ dog, who was in the office all day, was able to stay at home peacefully without feeling the absence of his owner.

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