8 New Signals Discovered in Space with Artificial Intelligence

Although artificial intelligence technology is an area that many of us are familiar with, it continues to appear in a different area of ​​our lives every day. Even in space where there is no known life…

The results of a new study published recently, that there are new signals in space showed. However, the interesting part of this research was that it was assisted by artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is helping researchers look broadly in their search for extraterrestrial life. At the same time data from radio frequencies. Artificial intelligence, which is trained to search, has recently detected interesting signals.

It discovered eight signals of interest that the classical algorithm missed.

The researchers noticed that the artificial intelligence they trained to detect radio frequencies detected 8 signals of interest. Then the team started to investigate the signals, the signal is not repeated discovered.

It was stated that the reason why the signal was not repeated could be “fluctuations in the radio frequency”. The research team also placed a signal processor on the MeerKAT telescope in South Africa. This signal processor is unlike any other for clearing radio frequency fluctuations it will be much easier to detect a different signal.

Detections of the new signal processor, perhaps in the galaxy technology is not only owned by humanity It will be a proof. For this reason, researchers continue to investigate the signals they find.


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