7-seater electric SUV Porsche K1 caught on camera!

Porsche is working on a new electric SUV model codenamed “K1” and this model is expected to be launched in 2027. The new spy photos of the 7-seater SUV were taken near a testing facility of the vehicle. Here are those images…

The mule visible in the photographs is camouflaged with temporary panels and artificial elements. At the front of the vehicle, there are headlights similar to those we see on the new Porsche Panamera, while at the rear there are headlight groups with a horizontal design, but not clearly visible due to camouflage.

The K1 model is expected to use Porsche’s SSP Sport platform and be built on the 900 V architecture. There is no exact powertrain information yet, but it is likely to be offered with different power and range options. Production of the vehicle will take place at Porsche’s Leipzig factory in parallel with the electric Macan.

The most powerful Porsche ever produced has been introduced!

The most powerful Porsche ever produced has been introduced!

Details about the price and technical specifications of the Taycan GT Turbo, the most powerful Porsche model in history, are in our news…

This model, which is expected to appeal especially to the Chinese and US markets, will be Porsche’s sixth electric vehicle and will follow the Taycan, electric Macan, electric Boxster, electric Cayman and electric Cayenne, which is planned to be released in 2026.

The launch of the K1 can be considered as an indicator of Porsche’s strategic investments in electric vehicles. This vehicle will reflect Porsche’s innovative vision in the field of electric vehicles, while further strengthening the brand’s position in the luxury SUV segment.

The launch of the Porsche K1 will increase the diversity of electric vehicles in the automotive industry and will be the beginning of a new era in the luxury SUV segment. Porsche’s electric vehicle strategy aims to reinforce its leadership in the automotive industry by not only producing environmentally friendly vehicles, but also by offering performance and comfort together.

The K1 model is expected to be an attractive option for both families and technology enthusiasts, especially with its large interior volume and high-tech features. The introduction of this new model underlines the brand’s commitments to sustainability and innovation, as part of Porsche’s vision for an electric future.

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