42 Software Schools Opened: Job Guaranteed

There are 42 Schools that will train software developers in different fields. In these schools, which do not have blackboards, chalk or teachers, the students advance with the support of each other, with the instructions prepared in advance. 42 Schools offer a job guarantee to students with the education they provide.

In our rapidly digitalizing world, new job opportunities are emerging, while those that are already digital are gaining value. Persons who focus on these fields of work or will gain great value in the future They cannot find a place where they can work on their professions, or companies in these fields have difficulty finding competent people, mostly because they are new.

Today, it is one of the fields that are already valuable today and will gain even more value in the future. software before us. With the current development, students have no blackboard, chalk and teacher at all. In 42 Schools software training. After that, the school job employment will provide. Education, completely free it will be.

How will they learn if there is no teacher?

In schools opened in Istanbul and Kocaeli, students mostly will support each other. In addition, for students who find the truth through trial and error at school, there are previously prepared by experts. instructions will be used. Students will try to complete the daily tasks set for them when they come to school.

42 Schools over 18 years old anyone can apply. At this point, applicants must have a high school or university education or have a diploma. not necessarily. All that is required for school here is to pass the exams after 4 weeks of training.


After 1 year of education at the school, students are part-time able to start working. However, people who want to work in areas such as cyber security, artificial intelligence and the internet of things, 3 years education will have to complete.


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While the need for software developers is increasing both in our country and in the world, the said school is expected to help close the gap in software developers in our country.