3D Model of Lara Croft That Looks Like It Came Out of the Movie [Video]

3D artist Lorenzo Dominesco has modeled Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft in 3D. The model can serve as a guide, especially for those who want to jump into this world.

With the development of computer technologies, realistic three-dimensional designs have become even more open, and this field also includes many business opportunities today. For those who want to enter 3D modeling or who want to improve themselves in this field, today with a sample project we came to you.

3D artist Lorenzo Dominesco created Lara Croft, one of the most loved characters in the game world, in 3D. Dominesco’s Lara Croft, who starred in the movie adaptation of the play It was based on Angelina Jolie. The resulting model was as follows:

Lara Croft three-dimensional model:

So how similar is this model to reality?

  • Left: Movie, Right: 3D model
  • Left: Movie, Right: 3D model

So how did the artist do all this?

Lorenzo Dominesco, all this What tools did you use? also announced. A total of 6 different programs were used for this model, every detail of which was made by hand. The artist used the Unreal Engine 5 game engine to get the image above, and used different tools to create the characters, weapons, outfits and all other materials. These tools and the artist’s intended use were as follows:

  • 3ds Max: Modeling (Boots, weapons and outfit)
  • ZBrush: Virtual sculpting (Boots, clothing, body, skin, face)
  • Substance Painter: Texture (Boots, weapons, clothing, body, skin, face)
  • Mari: Texture (Body, face, skin)
  • Unreal Engine Metahuman Body: Modeling (Body, skin)
  • XGen Maya: hair

Of course, the model we saw above was not the best 3D model ever made. However, this project is a must for those who want to enter the world of three-dimensional art. as a guide it could be. You can see which tools you can use in your projects through this example.

Applications that can be used by those who want to enter modeling:

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