232-layer SSD Micron 3500 introduced! Here are the features

Micron introduces the world’s first SSD to go above 200 layers of NAND flash. The highest NAND level in SSD models on the market is 176 layers. In this sense, Micron 3500 SSD has a 232-layer structure. But what does a high flash tier mean for SSDs?

The world’s highest-tier SSD model Micron 3500 and its features

Micron announced 1.5 years ago that it had exceeded the 200 NAND flash layer level. After a long time, the company came out with the Micron 3500 SSD model for the end user. Although the performance information of the SSD has not been revealed yet, Micron provided information about the features of the 3500 SSD.

Accordingly, the Micron 3500 SSD model has 100 percent higher write bandwidth than the previous 176-layer technology. On the reading side, this 232-layer SSD offers 75 percent higher reading bandwidth. In this sense, the Micron 3500 SSD model comes with 232-layer TLC NAND feature.

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Adding more NAND flash layers to SSD models increases both performance and efficiency. In this sense, the more NAND layers an SSD has, the higher its performance.

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Micron claims that this SSD model offers up to 38 percent faster access time and 36 percent more bandwidth than competing models.

Micron claims that the 3500 SSD model broke many SSD records on paper. In this sense, the company announced that its new 232-layer SSD model loads games up to 38 percent faster than its competitors.

Although the number of layers is important for SSD technology, Micron 3500 SSD has the less costly TLC NAND layer technology. This layer technology has the slowest performance on both the performance and read-write sides. On the other hand, TLC NAND layer technology is currently the most affordable SSD layer technology.

Do you think the features of the Micron 3500, which comes with 232-layer SSD technology, can really be as impressive as they are on paper? We are waiting your comments.

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