2025 Model Aston Martin Vantage Introduced

Aston Martin renewed its iconic sports car Vantage. The car, which has undergone major technical changes, can reach a speed of 325 km/h with its huge engine. Aston Martin Vantage will be launched in the second quarter of the year.

One of the important representatives of the luxury automobile industry Aston Martinhas renewed Vantage, which it has been producing for at least 70 years and has fascinated millions of automobile enthusiasts. The car, which was introduced as a 2025 model, is very powerful and very powerful as always. sumptuous It has a view.

Aston Martin Vantage, which was last changed in 2018 new versionhas experienced minor design changes. In this context; We see a very large grille in the car, which continues to maintain the iconic design. Of course, the reason for this is to be able to rein in the monster that lies under the hood. LED supported headlightsIt makes the vehicle look very stylish.

Introducing the 2025 model Aston Martin Vantage

Not only the front part of the vehicle, but also the rear part is astonishing. Quad exhaust outlets and LED headlights have made Aston Martin Vantage interesting. The aerodynamically focused trunk lid of the vehicle is also among the striking points.

Aston Martin

When we look at the interior of the Aston Martin Vantage, it is simple but ultra-luxury We encounter a living space. The vehicle has an infotainment screen accompanying a fully digital display screen. This information entertainment screen, supported by Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, is also used for the controls of the vehicle. The center console is a gigantic one that will make you feel like you’re sitting in a monster. start/stop button and has a gear knob that resembles the levers on airplanes.

Aston Martin Vantage 2025

Let’s look at some technical changes. Aston Martin announces new Vantage played with every part. In this context; Some changes were made to the chassis. In addition, the car’s cooling system has been completely overhauled. Work done on the 8-speed ZF automatic transmission better acceleration of the vehicle provides.

Aston Martin

The Mercedes-AMG engine in the Aston Martin Vantage will delight you with its performance. The 4.0 liter V8 engine fits this vehicle perfectly. 656 horsepower produces. Of course, this huge power enables the 0-100 km/h acceleration to be completed in a short time of 3.4 seconds. For those wondering, the maximum speed of the vehicle is 325km/h Let us state that it is.

2025 Vantage

Aston Martin for Vantage, which will be launched in the second quarter of the year did not announce the price.


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