2024 Volkswagen Tiguan introduced! Here is the price and features

Volkswagen continues to introduce its last internal combustion models before the electrification move. One of these was Volkswagen’s popular SUV model Tiguan. So, what features did the renewed Tiguan bring with it? Here are the details…

2024 Volkswagen Tiguan introduced! Here are the features

Volkswagen, which is very popular in Turkey, has renewed its popular SUV model. Tiguan, which is joked about as the SUV model of the tribal package, offers many new features to its users. Tiguan, the largest SUV model of the family after the Touareg model, will continue to live in its 3rd generation with this renewed version.

First of all, when we start from the front, we see that Volkswagen continues the design language that entered our lives with the new and last generation Passat model. While the kidney grilles with the Volkswagen logo have become smaller, the grilles at the bottom of the bumper have become larger. In addition, the knife-shaped air channels coming from the right and left sides also attract attention.

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With this appearance, the car actually gives off an ID.4 feel. This is actually a sign that we need to gradually get used to electric car designs. The new Tiguan will be sold in Europe with 2 different plug-in hybrid engine options. These engines will produce 201 and 268 Hp respectively. As you might guess, the 268 version is the Tiguan R model. Both cars can have a range of up to 100 kilometers with a full charge.

In addition, it also has two turbo gasoline engines with a volume of 2 liters, offering 201 and 262 Hp power, respectively, and two turbo diesel engines, with a volume of 2 liters, producing 148 and 190 Hp power, respectively. In short, Tiguan now has an engine option suitable for every budget and desire. The only point that will be criticized about the vehicle’s engine options is that 2-liter engines are subject to high tax brackets.

Tiguan, which has a truly giant central multimedia and vehicle control screen on the interior, has chosen to add a sporty atmosphere instead of a heavy stance with red and black patterned trim on the front console. In addition, the completely renewed digital dials, newly added adaptive chassis control system and 4×4 features aim to make the car no longer a city SUV.

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