20 Earth-size Holes Observed in the Sun

NASA has observed about 20 Earth-sized coronal holes above the Sun.

It continues to stay alive and give us life with an infinite number of interactions that take place at every moment. Sun, posing with huge ‘holes’ on it lately. After the 30 Earth-sized hole detected on March 22, another giant hole was observed today.

The new hole observed by NASA is not as large as the previous day. Hole, 18 to 20 Earth-sized and does not pose a danger to the Earth.

New hole discovered in the Sun:

What is this ‘hole’?

These black dots, referred to as ‘holes’ by many, are actually ‘holes’.coronal holeis defined as ‘. The structures formed by the scattering of the Sun’s magnetic field into space are also a sign that there will be very strong solar winds.

For example, the last observed hole above is toward Earth. At a speed of 2 million 896 thousand kilometers per hour It is expected to send solar wind. Although the speed is impressive, this level of wind poses no danger to Earth.

Scientists shared that the solar winds, which are expected to reach the Earth by Friday, will not disrupt the electronic infrastructure on Earth, but will only create auroras in some regions.

There’s something special about this hole:

Coronal holes normally appear in the polar regions of the Sun. But every 11 years This may change as activity on the Sun reaches its peak, holes may begin to appear even at the Sun’s equator.

The last observed hole is actually a proof of this. Hole, very close to the Sun’s equator is located.

30 Earth-sized coronal holes observed on March 22:

sun hole

Thanks to the coronal holes, we also saw the Sun laughing:


A Photo Of The Sun Looking ‘Like A Smiling Emoji’ Has Been Released

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