15 Nostalgic Sentences We Never Use Anymore

We brought together sentences that we used in the past but are now obsolete.

We can remember the past a little and pray for today’s technology. Who knows maybe 10 years from now And we will laugh at the sentences we use now.

With what you will remember from the sentences we have included: You will definitely reveal your age. Let’s start!

“Does anyone have a thin/thick tip charger?”

It was one of the sentences we used frequently during the Nokia era. In recent history “Does anyone have an iPhone charger?” The sentence took its place in the dusty pages of history.

“Dude, can you turn on your Bluetooth? I’ll send something.”

NOKIA 6600

When there is no WhatsApp We were sending our music or photos via Bluetooth. Now it is possible to send faster through many different methods. Hey, hey, those days.

“Give me credit.”


Separate from speech, separate from message We were calculating how to save money when the credit was gone. Top-up taught us to be economical.

“Hello, what’s up, what’s up! YOU ARE!”

text message

Once upon a time, we were slaughtering Turkish. We couldn’t even use Turkish characters when writing “hello, nbr” so that we wouldn’t move on to the second message. Especially if If T9 is activated The number of characters suddenly dropped.

“Have it ring when you get home, I’ll understand.”

graham bell

In those years, we couldn’t bear to spend credits just to say “I’m home”. Just take a break so that our credit card doesn’t run out. Everyone was used to having it stolen. We were communicating in a kind of encrypted manner.

“He has so much money, he still pays.”

collect call

Because we used to send it to friends for payment. I needed those credits to text our lover at night 😀

-Where are our photos?

-I just had it tested, it should take a few days.

remove photo tab

Memory card arrived, nostalgia is over. Photographs were carefully developed in dark and red rooms, and we waited with curiosity to see how our photographs turned out. The resulting photographs were distributed immediately or framed and hung in the most beautiful corner. Nowadays, our photos We bury it in the vast corners of electronic media.

“Don’t move! “Only 2 poses left.”

roll photo

Where are the memory cards like now? The old poses were valuable. Everyone not to blink He made a special effort.


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“Brother, can you extend table 8 by half an hour?”

Internet cafe

next to it toast Did we bury it, it’s okay.

What’s your record in snakes?”

The snake would grow and disappear and we would never put the phone down until it burned down.

“Son, change the channel.”

television without remote control

At a time when we were not familiar with the remote control, The smallest one would serve as a remote control 🙂

“Is your video VHS?”

80s generation here?

“Turn off that arcade, it’ll break the TV.”

2600 arcade

“Blow it, it works” Are those who say: No matter how many years have passed, most of us still miss the arcade. Did we also remember the heating of the adapter?


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“Wipe the CD with cologne and put it on!”


The Walkman’s batteries would die. Those who have Discman The atmosphere was incomparable.

“Side B of the tape, I had the 3rd song recorded for you.”

There was no sending links from YouTube or Spotify like now. There was labor for romance. We would make mix tapes.

Since we are remembering the past, if you have any historical sentences that come to your mind, we are waiting for you in the comments.


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