1. FC Saarbrücken: Kwasniok steals FCS Giga-Gouras? – Soccer

With five goals and two assists, he is Saarbrücken’s top scorer so far – that is not hidden from higher-class clubs …

Especially since Saarbrücken’s ex-trainer Lukas Kwasniok (40) said months ago about winger Minos Gouras (23): “He’s one for the Bundesliga in the long run. He has something that not many have. He can walk into the room at high speed. That is a valuable predicate. “

Will Saarbrücken lose GIGA GOURAS at the end of the season?

Finds Gouras good: The former Saarbrücker and current Paderborn trainer Lukas KwasniokPhoto: Friso Gentsch / dpa

His contract expires at the end of the season. According to BILD information, Kwasnioks Paderborn and 1. FC Nürnberg are said to have signaled an interest in the German-Greek.

Contract talks with the FCS, however, are currently on hold. FCS Sports Director Jürgen Luginger (53): “There are no discussions at the moment. We are still in exchange. “

Gouras, who came from Walldorf in 2020, started at FCS after a broken collarbone under Kwasniok and is also on the left wing under Uwe Koschinat.

And physically, the 1.75 meter tall Gouras has also worked hard on himself and gained weight.

Throughout the league, Gouras is in seventh place in the scorer rankings and also scored in the 2-2 draw in Meppen.

Luginger: “As a third division team, you don’t always have the best arguments. Last season already showed that with Nicklas Shipnoski and Marin Sverko. “

Nevertheless, Saarbrücken will try everything at Gouras – and maybe it will work out with the FCS and the 2nd division …

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