Zoom will bring a series of security-focused updates!

Zoom It is working on some security-focused updates to protect its users from various threats. Video conferencing company performs annually zoomtopia at the conference Zoom Phone end-to-end encryption for, Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) service and one authentication scheme focused on three new features.

Mistakes made in Zoom lead employees to be fired

A report from an analytics organization revealed that apps like Zoom have led to being fired. The numbers are intimidating.

Zoom expands the scope of protecting security

The company has announced that it will expand the scope of protections currently in place. He also hopes that he will find a way to erase past security woes from memory. Chief Product Manager Karthik Raman He made the following statements on the subject:

“Zoom strives to be a platform built on trust among users, trust in online interactions, and trust in our services. Multiple encryption options and authentication help build the foundation for this trust. This is part of our evolving security strategy.”

Karthik Raman, Zoom Chief Product Manager

Zoom security-focused update

The agenda topic of the Zoomtopia meeting is the authentication program

zoomtopia One of the most important security updates discussed within the body was the authentication program. Identity management company octa As part of the scheme developed with the company, users are asked to verify their identity before logging into a meeting.

How does the authentication program work?

The system will evaluate the combination of data, such as account identity data, security questions, multi-factor authentication, device ID, and more, and begin the process of auditing users. After that, when they join the conversation, they have a name next to their name on the list. blue check mark the future.

Zoom‘s phone app end-to-end encryption support taking. The company announced that this feature will protect against server security breaches, adding a layer of protection to one-on-one calls.

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