YouTuber Thinned PlayStation 5 With Its Own Opportunities

PlayStation 5 is one of Sony’s biggest consoles ever. Disturbed by this situation, a YouTuber rolled up his sleeves to create a thinner PS5.

As console lovers When the PlayStation 5 case is too big we all agree. While we are waiting for an official PlayStation 5 Slim announcement from Sony, a YouTuber who agrees with us on the previous issue rolled up his sleeves and thinned the PlayStation 5 with his own means.

YouTuber Matthew Perks (DIY Perks), known for his videos of making tech-related homemade products, is in his latest YouTube video.has created a working PS5 model that is only 2cm thick. You can watch the video below.

PlayStation 5 case only slightly thicker than DVD cases:

In order to do this, YouTuber disassembles the console and makes its components much more to fit the small copper shell is setting. It’s an impressive effort, but there’s an important issue. Perks are liquefied by a big power brick that needs to be kept out of sight to fit all this in. built a new cooling system. While it’s a commendable effort, unfortunately it’s not a complete solution.

YouTuber playing games That the PS5 is overheating and almost a disaster states. Perks, however, have resolved the situation, you can see from the video.


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There’s no doubt that Sony is planning to release a PS5 Slim in the future, we just don’t know when. It has released a slim model for every PlayStation console so far, and the PS3 Slim and PS4 Slim arrive three years after their original counterparts. What are you thinking? If such a PS5 model was official, would you buy it? Please do not forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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