YouTuber Builds World’s Largest ‘Xbox Series X’

YouTuber Michael Pick had designed the world’s largest Nintendo Switch with the help of a 3D printer and his engineering skills. Pick has now scaled the Xbox Series X to the size of a refrigerator and managed to run it.

One of the things that users complain about the new generation game consoles the most is their size. An interesting experiment has been made recently about these consoles, which have quite large dimensions and take up a lot of space. YouTuber DIY Perks, who makes tech-related homemade products and videotape them, only 2cm thick a working and PS5 model had done.

Now another YouTuber, last year mini refrigerator produced and sold out Xbox Series X He designed it the size of a large refrigerator and managed to run it. YouTuber Pick”I decided to make a giant Xbox that actually works“He shared a video where Xbox showed the production process.

YouTuber breaks Guinness World Record

The video, in which Pick detailed the construction process of the giant console, was watched by approximately 25,000 people. He explained that the most challenging part of the construction of the giant console, which first started by creating a wooden frame, was to emulate the curved top of the Series X. Some parts of the console by 3D printing forming.

This giant console performs all its functions as well as being a copy of the original image. In this part of the console, which is a special drawer on the back, there is an Xbox Series X that we know. In other words, this giant refrigerator-like console works with the help of the classic-sized Xbox Series X. The giant buttons on the outside were placed on the buttons of the console inside, thus making all functions fully operable.

The giant console produced, 2.08m x 1.04m x 1.04m It entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest Xbox with its dimensions. Pick and design company ZHC console, after completing it in Atalanta, GA Donated to the YMCA Youth and Development Center.

Here’s the fridge-sized Xbox Series X:


A YouTuber Has Designed The World’s Largest Nintendo Switch With His Own Opportunities [Video]

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