YouTuber Builds His Own Tesla With Model 3 and S Parts

A YouTuber took action to make his own roadster using Tesla Model 3 and Model S parts. The project called CyberRoadster seems to attract attention, at least on social media.

The electric car manufacturer, which has managed to create a huge fan base from all over the world Tesla, this time became the subject of a “do it yourself” project. A Tesla fan, who shared the name “Cyber ​​Hooligan” on social media platforms, used Model 3 and Model S parts. own production He’s trying to build a custom car. The vehicle will be a roadster when completed.

The content producer, David Andreyev, gave the project he was working on.CyberRoadster” Andreyev, who bought the engine of the twin-engine Tesla Model 3 Performance, benefits from both Model 3 and Model S in other parts of the special car. The vehicle is currently being completed. at a distant point but the hard work continues.

Here’s what the handcrafted Tesla looks like:

The car, which is still under construction, is quite sporty It looks like it will have style. YouTuber stated that the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle were taken from Tesla Model S, and on the upper parts Cybertruck means that we will see the breezes. When completed, CyberRoadster will be a mix of Model 3, Model S and Cybertruck.


When will CyberRoadster be completed? not sure. However, the YouTuber is very determined to complete the project and we will follow the developments closely. To share the latest version of the vehicle with you we look forward to.


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You can watch the latest video shared for the handmade Tesla CyberRoadster below:

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