YouTube Won’t Play Videos With Ad Blocker Active

YouTube has started testing a new feature as part of the fight against ad blockers. This new feature will ensure that the video cannot be played at all.

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video platform, to ad blockers He declared war. The company tried to ban the use of ad blockers in this context. Shares on Reddit reveal this problem of YouTube management. radical you figured it out it reveals.

According to user feedback, when ad blockers are wanted to be used videos will no longer work. The algorithm will automatically skip it to the end of the video. The user will not be able to play the video no matter what he does. When the ad blocker used is removed or for YouTube when it is disabled There will be no problem.

This is what YouTube’s new crackdown on ad blockers will look like

Users sharing about the issue on Reddit, each no matter what they do They say they cannot overcome this situation. Although YouTube has not made a statement on the issue, the new measure has caused many users it will bother you looks like.


YouTube Started Testing Once Again Its New Design That Users Hate

YouTube’s new ad blocker feature is currently available in testing phase looks like. It is not yet known whether this feature will be available one day. not sure. We will inform you again if there are any new developments regarding the issue.

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