Youtube will make content creators more money!

Digital video platform YouTubeIt has recently emerged that the Music platform continues to work to increase the number of users. Popular platform, via its main application music facilitated the transition to the platform. However, this time the update released, contents producers are closely concerned! Here are the details…

Youtube brings new tools to creators to earn more money!

Last year, YouTube rolled out the feature that allows viewers to purchase products directly from a live stream. Yearly brandcast At its event, it will take this feature a step further by allowing creators to co-host live shopping streams on the two channels. The new feature “Redirects”, the popular platform that content producers more will allow them to earn more money.

Decision that Spotify won’t like from YouTube

The new shortcut added to the YouTube application will allow music videos to be opened directly on the YouTube Music platform.

YouTube while promoting this new feature, he claimed that content producers and brands could establish a more meaningful connection with their audience. By allowing the two channels to livestream and co-host, they “engage their communities in one live shopping stream. to merge opportunity will be provided”.

Another innovation is live shopping on creators’ channels. live will start the broadcast and allow them to direct. As of now, the new features are about when these features will come in our country. definite there is no information. But in this next month, YouTube subscription system is expected to come to our country.

Premium subscriptions had become one of the indispensable features of the Twitch platform. Youtube’s newly developed subscription system has not yet Beta version, however, USA and United KingdomActivated in . While Twitch is the largest of the live streaming platforms, a few high-profile streamers have made the switch to Youtube Gaming.

by YouTube to content creators What do you think about this privilege offered? Will we encounter the sights we see on TikTok on YouTube? We welcome your thoughts on this subject in the Comments section.

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