YouTube to Ban Discord’s Popular Music Bot

YouTube has made an important decision for Rythm, one of the most popular music bots on Discord. Within the scope of this decision, the bot, which has more than 560 million users, will be unusable as of September 15. Rythm’s developer said he predicted this would happen eventually.

The world’s most popular online video platform YouTubeIn particular, it has declared a war against Discord, which is the number one communication tool of the players. Because the company just a few weeks ago, a bot developed for Discord and Playing music from YouTube He had decided to disable Groovy. Now a similar decision, which is quite popular rhythm It was also bought for a boat named.

Rythm, which enables music playback from YouTube and more than 560 million It was a popular Discord bot with a user. However, in the statements made by YouTube, it was understood that this bot has now come to the end of the road. more than 20 million Bot actively used on the Discord server, As of September 15 will be unusable.

“We knew this would happen”

He is the developer of the Discord bot called Rythm. yoavmade some statements on the subject. Saying that they know that YouTube will make such a decision sooner or later, Yoav admitted that they started a new study a year ago for this. The developer, who did not provide detailed information about their new projects, said that the decision would be personal to them. you don’t thinkstated that he predicts that all music bots will be obsolete in a few weeks. Underlining that he also uses music bots, Yoav said that YouTube’s decision is for all users. sad says it is.


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Rythm, in total, to serve 560 million users 4TB of RAM and with over 1,000 CPU cores It was using 16 servers. With the decision taken by YouTube, these servers will become dysfunctional. And not just Rythm, but as Yoav predicted, servers used by all music bots on the market become dysfunctional the future. While it is not yet known how this situation will be overcome, Discord is currently testing.Social PartyIt seems that the feature named ” will allow YouTube content to be officially integrated into Discord. However, this feature is far from bots in terms of working logic. So it seems that Discord users will not be able to experience their YouTube experience until now.

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