YouTube Now Has An Opening Sound and Animation [Video]

The opening animation and sound came to YouTube’s smart TV application. Thus, YouTube has an opening sound and animation like Netflix and other broadcasting platforms. YouTube’s new feature will appear on more devices in the near future.

YouTube, the world’s most popular online video platform smart TVs A remarkable innovation came to the version developed for Users now have an animation and an accompanying animation when they open YouTube from their television. they hear the opening sound.

In the official statement made by YouTube, it is lively, interesting and easily recognizable It is stated that such a study is done in order to have something. YouTube, which started a study covering all of the terms people, connection, influencer and story-driven, after a few tries reached the final result.

It can also come to smartphones and tablets!

YouTube states that the opening screen and sound, which it has prepared with great care, will reach more devices in the future. “more devicesIt is not known what is meant by “, but starting to see YouTube’s new feature in products such as smartphones and tablets is not very easy. it won’t be surprising.

You can watch YouTube’s opening sound and animation below:

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