YouTube Music has released its new feature!

YouTubeis among the world’s largest social media platforms. Millions of people log into the social media platform every day. For users of the company YouTube Music It offers its own music streaming service.

YouTube MusicIt is actively used by many people. The music service is constantly updating itself in order to better serve its users. With the new update, the company has added “SaveLaunched the ” button.

YouTube continues to gain strength against TikTok!

The world’s most famous video site, YouTube, achieved great success with its new feature called Shorts, which it launched to rival TikTok.

YouTube Music has added a ‘Save’ button to its playlists!

YouTube Music, on iOS devices with its new update “SaveLaunched the ” button. The “Save” button lets you save your current music sequence as a playlist. This feature was first introduced to us. Google Play MusicIt was out. YouTube has added this button to its service to make the music service even more usable.

In addition, with the new update, the company will also allow you to add albums or songs to your queue. “SaveIn order to see the ” button, you first need to open an album or playlist. After the playlist is opened, you can see the next tracks.NextSwitch to the ” tab. In this tab, you will see “Save‘ feature will appear.

With “Save” feature rename the playlist You can add it to your own playlists. Thanks to this feature, users are much more playlist They will be able to enrich their own libraries by adding “Save” button, In Turkey also made available to users. Such features YouTube Music The addition of the application causes the popularity of the service to increase.

The company last month YouTube Music Recap 2021offered to its users. This feature is the same Spotify Wrapped 2021As in . So, what are your thoughts? newcomer”SaveWhat do you think of the ” feature? Do not forget to give your comments and opinions below.

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