YouTube enters the world of NFT!

YouTube, the world’s largest content platform, has now become a source of income for many people. The company is working to open up more space for content producers. In this context, YouTube stepped into the world of NFT, which has recently increased its popularity rapidly and enables the sale of works of art in the digital environment.

The Beatles and John Lennon collections are in the NFT world!

The NFT world, where works of art are exhibited, includes the memories of The Beatles and John Lennon, as well as many star names.

YouTube’s NFT step will take shape in 2022

The CEO of the company, Susan Wojcicki, made statements that they will step into the NFT world in a letter she wrote for the YouTube community today. Wojcicki stated that he wants to step into the world of NFT as another source of income for content creators this year. The CEO of the company made the following statements in his statement.

We continue to strengthen and improve the experiences of creators and other users on YouTube. In this context, we have focused on expanding the YouTube ecosystem to help creators leverage emerging technologies like NFTs.

The CEO of the company, who kept his words about NFT limited, did not disclose any information about the details of the event. However, according to the analysis obtained from the conversations, work will be done on a new interface within the platform so that content producers can sell their NFT products to their subscribers. Wojcicki also stated that they are working on Web3.

While these developments were taking place, YouTube videos began to take their place in the NFT market. The content of “Charlie bit my finger”, which has been shared on many social media platforms for years and became famous for biting his brother’s finger, was sold for 761,000 dollars in the NFT environment.

Social media platforms are also entering the world of NFT

The NFT world, which is defined as the token footprints of artworks in the digital environment, has been in an incredible growth recently. Social media platforms are also stepping into this world. Twitter has now started to actively use the NFT world. So much so that the platform recently activated the NFT profile picture feature.

Meta company, formerly Facebook, continues to work to take its place in the NFT world. The company will introduce regulation that allows its users to create, display and sell NFTs on social media platforms. It is not known at what stage this feature, which will be seen on Instagram and Facebook, is yet.

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