YouTube announces Music Listening Room!

It is in use in our country and cares about user experiences in order to get ahead in the competition with Spotify. YouTube Musicannounced that it will launch a new program. One year of free YouTube Music Premium will be given to those selected for this program, which we can translate into Turkish as ”The Listening Room”. Here are the details…

Youtube Music announces Listening Room! One year free Premium gift

The YouTube team attaches great importance to user experience in order to improve the Music application and make it easier to shape its future. So much so that the selected users will have the features tested beforehand. The platform, which will then act according to the feedback from the users, will select the users who will provide this through the form. selected users, one year of Youtube Music Premium will own it.

Users who can provide feedback through the Discord group must comply with the terms set by YouTube and fill out the form that you can access by clicking here. In addition, the platform has conditions to participate in the program that it specifically wants. These are as follows:

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YouTube Turkey Impact Report published: Here are the numbers!

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  • Become a music lover.
  • Use YouTube Music as your primary music streaming service for a year. (you can continue to use another music streaming service at the same time)
  • Provide regular feedback through conversations and polls on Discord.
  • Agree that you will not share any information (screenshots, talk about features, pictures) with anyone outside of the Discord channel.

Everyone who meets these conditions and fills out the form has a chance to be selected. However, YouTube said in its statement that only selected certain people He says he will be included in the program. The company will contact those included in the program in February 2023.

YouTube’s application form contains questions from many different fields. These include questions about what kind of music you listen to, and how often you listen to music. In addition, in order to be selected for the program, you must not leak any features and use YouTube’s Music application for one year. primary You must agree to use it as your music platform.

Youtube’s statement includes the following statements:

“With this program you will get:

  • Free one-year Youtube Music Premium subscription
  • Advance access to exclusive content
  • A chance to directly influence the future of Youtube Music”

So what do you think about this news? Do not forget to share your views with us in the Comments section.

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