Your next phone’s camera will be watching you all the time!

If you are tired of the notch on your smartphone, this is not a problem, as under-screen camera technology is expected to become widespread in the coming years. This design, where you will not see a camera on the screen of your device when you do not need it, is the kind that excites many of us. However, according to the statement from Qualcomm, the under-screen camera constantly watching you it will be. This is one of the situations that will raise our privacy concerns.

Bad news for iPhone 6 Plus users from Apple!

Apple announced that the iPhone 6 Plus devices were included in the nostalgic (vintage) product category.

Qualcomm’s under-screen camera is a privacy nightmare

In recent years privacy concern swept away all smartphone users. Because now companies and smartphone manufacturers can demand a lot from us between the lines of contracts. Even though we had to live with this situation, this time a statement was made that raised our privacy concerns. Qualcomm’s under-screen camera will be constantly watching you, even if you don’t pick up the phone. The reason for this is said to be that the face unlock can work without the screen on.

Supporting under-screen cameras 8th generation Snapdragon The chips will start appearing in smartphones next year. Since we won’t be able to see under-screen cameras on every smartphone in the first place, you don’t have to think about how difficult it would be to live with it now. However, if the under-screen camera phones that will be released in the coming years are constantly watching us, this can create serious problems. Because even the fact that our location information is constantly stored somewhere violates our privacy.

Although this is worrisome, we already have a similar situation. for years we are living. Your smartphone is constantly listening to you, and this is said to be done so that you can communicate with voice assistants hands-free. When your microphone is always on, your phrases like ‘Hey Google’ are picked up by the device and the result is a not bad experience at all. However, it is perfectly understandable that you are disturbed by this.

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