Your camera may break! Interesting warning from Apple about iPhone

Recently, an iPhone user tweeted that the device’s camera broke while traveling with a motor. on this statement Apple iPhone camera published a warning document about it.

iPhone 6 Plus IOS, which entered the lives of Apple users with Apple recently released a new document after the statements of the user who claimed that the motorcycle’s phone was broken.

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The Huawei P50 series, which was previously introduced for the Chinese market, is finally coming to the global market. The date of the global launch event has been announced.

Warning from Apple: Powerful motorcycles can break your camera

Apple today to support documentation added a new one. In the document published for iPhone users, it is stated that motorcycles with high engine power can damage the devices.

Apple has released a document regarding the iPhone camera issue.

Stating that he had a problem with the device, a Twitter user named James Chadbourne said, “This is my first time riding with an iPhone. I think I broke his camera.” said

Answering the questions of other users, James stated that the camera does not perform the focusing function.

In the document published by the company, “In iPhone OIS and AF technologies Designed to be durable. However, long-term exposure to high amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges may cause permanent damage to the camera, as it performs sensitive operations such as OIS. It is recommended that you avoid exposing your iPhone to extended high-amplitude vibrations.” statements are included.

Apple recommends that users do not attach their iPhone directly to the frame or handlebars of such motorcycles to avoid the direct transmission of vibrations. In addition, the company recommends that people who use their devices in vehicles such as electric scooters use vibration-damping devices to minimize the possibility of damage.

Document published by Apple by clicking here you can reach.