You Can Send Message to Orion Spacecraft!

NASA sent an iPad into space with Artemis 1, the first of the missions that started recently and will take humanity to the Moon. It has also been announced that this device, located inside the uncrewed Orion spacecraft, can send messages from the world. So what’s the point of this experiment? How can we send a message to Orion? Let’s see how we can send messages to the depths of space while we look at the details of this project, which will benefit astronauts a lot.

Will take humanity back to the Moon years later Artemis The first of their missions finally started recently after some glitches. As part of the Artemis I mission, NASA sent the Orion spacecraft, which will carry astronauts in the future, to our satellite. The vehicle, which reached the Moon, was able to perform its orbital flight in the past few days.

The purpose of the Artemis I mission, which marks the first steps in our plans to colonize the Moon and reach other planets, is mainly to test the functionality of the SLS rocket and Orion before sending humans. However, this does not mean that other things are not included in the sent vehicle. One of them is a device that allows us to send messages to space. iPad.

Why is an iPad being sent into space?

First of all, let’s talk briefly about the things that were sent to space with the mission. NASA has sent several CubeSats (small nano-satellites used for space exploration) into space with different missions. Some of these were sent to study the Moon, and some to study asteroids near us. In addition to these small satellites, on the iPad we mentioned, Artemis 1 made its way to the Moon with its mission.

Floating in space, the iPad is inside the Orion capsule that will carry the crew. Lockhead Martin and Amazon, called Callisto, to show how consumer technology could be integrated into spacecraft in the future. We can say that the goal of Callisto is to test the human-machine interface in space. Contrary to expectations, this hardware, consisting of iPad, does not use Apple’s Siri software, instead it is an artificial intelligence supported voice assistant of Amazon, which is one of the partners. Alexa uses.

Let’s unpack Callisto’s purpose a little more. The goal here is that a voice assistant like Alexa will help astronauts in the future. how they can make their work easier and make space travel more efficient. to see. Let’s also mention that a partnership was established with the technology company Cisco for the project, and the Webex service of this company was also tested. In this partnership, the aim is to get away from space. video and audio conversation to make it possible.

In addition, experts added a remarkable feature to this iPad to enable people on Earth to reach space, and we can all dive into the depths of space. to send a message allowed the opportunity. According to the statements, the messages coming to the iPad inside the capsule will be captured by a camera and shared in the mission watched by the whole world via the entire Callisto screen. So how is this message sent to Orion traveling on the Moon? Let’s see.

How to send a message to Orion?

The way to send a message to the iPad inside Orion is quite easy. Firstly, to Lockheed Martin’s website, which conducted the experiment. to the link here You have to click to reach it. Then you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the ‘Contact’ which means ‘Contact Callisto’.Communicate with Callisto’ You have to come to the section. Then the maximum have 120 characters Write your required message and at the bottom your name and e-mail address you need to add. It is also possible to send the message via the Orion app, which can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store.

We should add that not every message can be displayed. Lockheed Martin derogatory, racist, sexist or other inappropriate It says that messages containing things will be automatically blocked. Also, it includes any copyrighted material, a person, product, brand, etc. It is stated that messages supporting things will also be rejected. If your message passes all requirements and is selected by the authorities, it will be displayed on the Orion spacecraft on the historic Artemis 1 mission.

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