YKS preference results were announced, social media shook!

Higher Education Institutions Exam 2022 (YKS) results were announced on July 18. The university exam, where over 3 million students sweated to enter the university of their dreams between 18-19 June, unfortunately did not go as expected for everyone. With this development, the selection marathon for students started, and this process came to an end with the announcement from ÖSYM in the past hours. Social media shook with the announcement of the YKS preference results.

YKS preference results announced

YKS preference resultsWith the announcement, social media officially shook. There were those who settled in the university they wanted, and those who did not. University registration procedures, 22-26 August will take place between YÖK, electronic university records 22-24 August announced that it will be between

Here are the reactions to the YKS 2022 preference results

YKS preference results have been announced!  Here are the details

YKS preference results have been announced! Here are the details

ÖSYM has finally announced the YKS 2022 preference results. You can take a look at our news for the steps to query the YKS preference result.

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