Yıldız Ventures has announced the result of the transition to Asana!

Yıldız Ventures, which provides incubation center services for entrepreneurship projects under its corporate venture capital structure and also carries out start-up acceleration programs, brings together the latest technologies and applications in order to act faster. One of them was to move the whole process to Asana.

Company CEO who predicts that company productivity will increase by centralizing work on a single platform Yahya Ulkertransferred his team of 300 and the entire execution process to Asana. Due to the use of various tools and various applications, company employees could not benefit from the efficiency provided by standard processes, as there was no way to follow all the projects and communication realized throughout the company.

About the change in the way of doing business with Asana, Ülker said, “Asana automates our routine work and ensures synchronization between the different teams of Yıldız Ventures and the companies in the portfolio.” said.

Investment evaluation accelerated by 50 percent with Asana

When Yahya Ülker became the CEO of the company in 2019, he sought a business management that had more features than the individual task managers he used before. It evaluated more than 10 tools and decided on Asana with its ability to support collaboration across the entire company.

To accelerate Asana adoption and optimize usage, Omtera, Asana’s business partner and management consulting firm, was recruited in 2020.

Workflows strengthened with Omtera

After starting to work with Omtera, Yıldız Ventures increased the rate of Asana usage among employees from 20 percent to 95 percent. The implementation process was carried out by Murat Yılmaz, the founding partner of Omtera.

Omtera started by meeting with each team to understand their workflows and hotspots, and then helped create those workflows within Asana. They included processes that were previously offline or managed through other tools, connected processes between teams, and enabled teams to use features like form, automation, and integration. In addition, they organized specially prepared Asana trainings for teams of employees at all levels.

Today, all teams at Yıldız Ventures are using processes in Asana to make faster and smarter decisions.

The results are 40 percent faster execution of business processes, a 35 percent reduction in time-consuming tasks and an 80 percent increase in strategic work, and a 35 percent reduction in time spent on email and 55 percent in time spent searching for information.

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