Yemeksepeti also joined the ChatGPT Stream!

Yemeksepeti has started to write product descriptions on food ordering and Mahalle platforms with ChatGPT support.

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s world-shattering chat bot, even made it possible for users to order food via the bot. One of Turkey’s largest food ordering platforms Food basket Although there is no possibility to order yet, in a different way Joined the ChatGPT stream.

Yemeksepeti supports ChatGPT menu and product information started to offer to its users. In addition, explanations about the products of the artisans who are business partners with Yemeksepeti Mahalle are no longer just the dishes. With ChatGPT support is offered.

Yemeksepeti’s new service: “ChatGPT Supported Menu”

According to the information shared by Yemeksepeti, the rate of detailed explanations in the menus of the shopkeepers, especially in the Mahalle service, thanks to ChatGPT supported product descriptions. increased by 12%.

The company will increase the rate of products with an explanation from 88% to over 91% on the food platform by the end of the year, and for the Neighborhood side. It aims to increase it to 40%. The descriptions offer guiding information in line with the product contents. Thus, users can have an easier and more understandable ordering experience.


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