Yandex Claims AMD Is ‘Following’ Google Chrome

Yandex, one of Russia’s largest technology development companies, accused AMD of ‘favoring’ Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Yandex Browser and Yandex Search Engine, Russia’s most successfully marketed product in everyday technology, accuse AMD, a hardware manufacturer, of creating an environment of unfair competition.

According to Yandex’s claim, AMD’s Windows drivers are available in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. To Yandex Browser works more efficiently. Let’s take a look at the original of the claims together.

Yandex claims AMD drivers give more errors in Yandex Browser than any other browser

When Yandex detects “chrome.exe” of AMD drivers in a blog post describing its new findings give less than five times error and claims to consume an average of 8% less memory.

In the table you see above, there is the crash pattern of the AMD drivers. The red line is when using ‘chrome.exe’ represents the number of driver crashes. As you can see, very little. Let’s also mention that the performance results are revealed by converting the browser.exe file to chrome.exe.


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The developers at Yandex got the black line finding when they launched their browser and put it to the test. However that this problem was resolved when they changed the name of their browser to ‘chrome.exe’ and ran it.They observed that the error rate of the browser decreased.

Of course, this claim is Yandex’s own claim. The tests were done by themselves, not by an independent organization. Therefore, if AMD or Google respond to the issue, we can get a clearer result.

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