XRP Litigation Critical Development: SEC Admits Ripple Not Informed About XRP Status?

The latest development in the XRP case may be the reason for the final decision. 99), attached to Ripple’s latest court filing and part of the discovery process, revealed the most critical information for the case to date. The document confirms that the SEC did not inform any third party that XRP was a security until the lawsuit was filed. This information is now accepted as an official confession in the case.

“Request Acceptance 99: Acknowledge that prior to initiating this transaction, in response to third party inquiries described in Request 99 above, the SEC never notified a third party that it considered XRP a security.”

Response: Subject to all objections above, the Commission (SEC) prior to filing of this lawsuit, certain third parties; He admits to having learned about the legal status of XRP.

With this, [talebe] in response; Commission [konu hakkında] He did not express an opinion one way or another.”

New Information Disproves Hinman’s Testimony

SEC’s admission, Hinman; He contradicts his statement that he advises Ripple to stop selling XRP because it sees the sale as a security. Hinman was already on the brink of an abyss due to speculation about his corrupt actions in the context of his 2018 speech. With this latest statement, Hinman could suffer more losses than the SEC with the final decision.

An article that went viral recently revealed disturbing information about Hinman’s controversial 2018 speech. Makele claims that ETH comments during Hinman’s 2018 speech were meticulously planned, and these comments subsequently played a role in Ether’s 600 percent price increase to date.

Late last month, in the XRP case, the court accepted the Seal Movement (meaning ordering some or all of a document not to be made public) in both the Slack and DPP disputes. Following this move, questions arose about the sealing of Hinman’s statement. Rumors flew, with some claiming that the sealed data contained evidence that Hinman was plotting and plotting a price hike. Also, Hinman reportedly consulted with eminent Ethereum Foundation officials and private market participants before planning his speech to invest generously in ETH.