Xiaomi takes ‘inspiration’ from Apple: Home repair service!

One of the tech giants apple, recently announced that it is working on a service that will allow users to repair their own devices. After deciding to offer such an option to customers who complained about the long repair process, the company became an ‘inspiration’ for other brands.

Another world brand XiaomiWe wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Apple has started working on its own home repair system following this move by Apple. Xiaomi official twitter A suggestive tweet from his account also brought this to mind. Here are the details of the said tweet and the subjectโ€ฆ

Xiaomi continues to break records in phone sales!

Xiaomi has announced its data for the third quarter of 2021. Here is Xiaomi’s revenue from various products.

Xiaomi launches home repair service

apple, iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and Mac with M1 processor announced that it will launch a home repair service pilot program for its users. The company offers its customers 2022 will offer a repair kit for the products we mentioned after the year. USAThis service, which will be launched in Turkey, will include other countries until the end of 2022.

The official Twitter account of the Xiaomi India branch shared a tweet today. In the shared post, the company said, โ€œwhich it treats as customersโ€youEmphasizing the word โ€, he said that they care about their customers and always put them first. Now, he said that he will raise the bar and suggested that users stay tuned.

Written in the image shared with the tweet โ€simplified servicesโ€ and โ€ highlighted in the textyouโ€ prompted followers to the idea that Xiaomi is implying that it is also working on a home repair service as Apple has planned.

Although the post does not provide information about such a service system, the salient parts of the article refer to it. In addition, the fact that the company follows Apple like an idol in every innovation it makes brings to mind the possibilities that it will follow in this step it has taken. If our predictions are correct, Xiaomi first Android original equipment manufacturer (Original Equipment Manufacturer โ€“ OEM) will become a brand.

What do you think about the tweet of Xiaomi India branch? Did the company really imply that it would offer customers the ability to repair their devices at home, as planned by Apple? Or is a different and completely different service waiting for us? Do not forget to share your ideas with us in the comments.

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