Xiaomi signed car appears!

XiaomiAlthough we are most familiar with its phones, the Chinese company produces many technological devices. A refrigerator, scooter and robot vacuum cleaner The company, which produces many different devices including Soon to the automotive industry Details continue to come from Xiaomi’s first model, which is preparing to take a step.

Xiaomi’s car is coming in 2024

for the past few years Xiaomi’s car allegations are made about it. These claims have gained momentum recently. Finally, some of the body parts of the Xiaomi signed model have emerged. After the resulting images, Xiaomi’s his new car We got more information about it.

The resulting images are of the Xiaomi signed car. front and rear bumpers reveals. While the round headlight group greets us, there is a trapezoidal air intake below. As for the rear, it’s hard to say much for now. In this section only simple design diffuser stands out.

Sony did what Apple couldn't!

Sony did what Apple couldn’t!

Sony introduced its new electric car at CES 2023. Developed with Honda, the car will hit the road in 2026.

The accuracy of the resulting images is a Xiaomi Manager confirmed. Confirming that its suppliers have confidential design documents, Xiaomi said, however, that these images final design He said he didn’t have a draft. According to the statement, these images are a design draft prepared by the supplier during the bidding process. In other words, we may not see the vehicle in this way during the production process. But still Xiaomi’s first model the fact that it gives an idea about it.

According to the information received, Xiaomi’s first car will appear with a fastback sedan bodywork. If the code name of the new model is Modena is stated to be. The vehicle, which was also displayed in the winter tests recently, in the first half of 2024 Mass production is planned.

Apparently SonyAfter , another technology company is stepping into the automotive sector. So, you XiaomiWhat do you think about ‘s going to produce cars? You can share your views with us in the comments section.

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