Xiaomi has started Android 14 tests of another model!

The countdown has now passed for Android 14, one of the versions that the mobile industry is eagerly waiting for. While the beta tests of the new structure continue at full speed, one of the most curious issues at this point was which devices will receive the update. Continuing to work on integrating the new version into its own interface, Xiaomi has started testing Android 14 for another model.

Android 14 tests started for Xiaomi 13 Ultra

According to the news of Xiaomiui Xiaomifor Xiaomi 13 Ultra, which has been offered to users in the past months. Android 14 It officially started its tests. The first internal MIUI structure of the version expected to come to the smartphone is determined as MIUI-V23.6.9, and it is stated that it will be available towards the end of this year. It should be noted here that the date is an estimate.

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The smartphone is powered by Qualcomm’s most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip. On the other hand, there is 8 GB, 12 GB and 16 GB RAM, 256 GB and 512 GB memory support. In addition, its 5,000mAh battery offers 90W fast wired charging, 50W wireless charging and 10W reverse wireless charging support.

The arrival date of Xiaomi 13 Ultra in Europe has been announced!

The arrival date of Xiaomi 13 Ultra in Europe has been announced!

A new listing has revealed the launch date of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in France (possibly Europe) and the date of sale in the country.

On the screen side 6.73 inch in QHD+ resolution, 120Hz offering a refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 2600 nits OLED panel exists. Therefore, it is among the most ambitious models of the market in terms of display.

On the camera side, it has a 50 Megapixel main camera and 50 Megapixel wide-angle camera, 50 Megapixel 3.2x periscope camera and 50 Megapixel 5x periscope camera. In addition, it should be noted that there is a 32 Megapixel selfie camera.

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