Xiaomi has announced the number of MIUI users!

Xiaomiis one of the most important technology companies today. It stands out with its wide selection, especially when it comes to smartphones. However, Xiaomi yesterday to the third quarter of 2022 published its financial report. If this report Number of MIUI users appeared.

MIUI users reach 564 million

One of the most preferred smartphone brands today is Xiaomi. The company offers a wide selection of phone models. Although this situation pleases some users, it annoys some users quite a bit. Yesterday, the company released its financial report for the third quarter of 2022. In this report, the number of MIUI users drew attention.

Looking at the report, Xiaomi MIUI users compared to the same period last year. 16 percent showed an increase. Like this up 78.1 million Number of users to 564 million reached. These users only 141 million (about 25 percent) are in China is located.

MIUI 13 good news for a model in Turkey from Xiaomi!

MIUI 13 good news for a model in Turkey from Xiaomi!

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When we look at the period incomes, it is possible to see that there is a significant decrease. In particular, revenue is 10 percent lower than last year. Net profit fell even further. 59 percent on an annual basis fell and reached $294 million.

With all of this, the company will be in the world in the third quarter of 2022. third place protected. However shipments of 7.8 percent per annum., income is 11.1 percent. decreased. The company also stated that its R&D investments increased by 25 percent compared to a year ago and that its personnel 48 percent in R&D He announced that he was working.

Xiaomi has announced the number of MIUI users!

The official press release stated that Xiaomi has demonstrated a durable business model despite various issues. In addition, the company said that they will continue to move forward in the next quarter despite macroeconomic uncertainties and external influences.

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