Xi invites Putin to visit China – Russian bombers over the Sea of ​​Japan

Justice ministers support ICC investigation into Ukraine with millions

An international conference on Monday promised the International Criminal Court four million pounds (around 4.6 million euros) for investigations into alleged war crimes in Ukraine. This was announced by government officials in London, where justice ministers from more than 40 countries had advised. In addition to the additional funds, European countries have offered to help with the investigation and provide forensic expertise, UK Justice Secretary Dominic Raab said.

The ICC caused a stir on Friday with an arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom it suspects of being responsible for the deportation of children and other civilians from occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia. Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan said the arrest warrant was not a triumph but a somber moment reminding that only international cooperation will bring justice in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin said that by kidnapping thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, Moscow has a clear plan to destroy Ukraine and its identity. The children should be adopted in Russia and brought up in Russian. There are investigations into more than 72,000 cases of alleged war crimes and not a day goes by without systematic atrocities being committed against civilians.

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