Xbox Series X Raised 2,500 TL in Just 18 Days

The rising dollar rate began to seriously affect video game enthusiasts. In particular, Xbox Series X/S prices have suddenly started to rise very sharply. So much so that for the Xbox Series X, which can be purchased for 7,000 TL on 1 November, 9.499 TL was requested on 19 November.

Dollar rate only in the last few days around 1 TL valuation has directly affected the price of the products we have to buy or want to buy. In particular, citizens who are involved with technology, due to imported they began to ponder. Now, one of the new generation game consoles released last year, Xbox Series X/SLet’s talk about the rise in prices.

Xbox Series X as of August 1, 2021 6,000 TL was available for purchase. Due to the freedom of the market, only fractions were played, prices were in the range of 6,200 TL to 6,900 TL. If the price of the console is on November 1, 2021 7,000 TL was beginning to rise. The fraction section was changing, again due to market liberalization. But now, it is a dream to buy Xbox Series X at these prices. Because, in our reviews, the minimum amount to be paid for the Xbox Series X 9,300 TL We see that it’s around. The most popular retail companies are Xbox Series X. to sell from 9.499 TL they have started.

This is how the price change of Xbox Series X was reflected in the graphics

*Taken from the price analysis platform Cimri.

That the situation is different for the Xbox Series S. we can’t say. When we look at the price analyzes created for this console, we witness a serious price increase as in the Xbox Series X. In this context; The console, which can be purchased on August 1, 2021, with prices over 3,500 TL, is currently available. Prices starting from 4.250 TL can be purchased. When we look at the most popular retailers, the price It has risen up to 5,599 TL. We see…

Xbox Series S price analysis

Prices on game consoles of the unavoidable dollar rateI will inflate a little more apparent. Moreover, it should be noted that these price increases are not only exclusive to Xbox Series X / S. Hold on to PlayStation 5 up to smart phones The price of all technological products you can think of will continue to rise with the effect of the dollar exchange rate, which has increased by more than 1 TL in the past few days…

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