Xbox finally fixed the annoying problem

With Xbox’s next generation consoles, the visual problem from Xbox 360 is fixed. Along with modern consoles, the profile photo from the old generation console account presented a distorted image to the users. After a long time, Microsoft finally fixed this problem.

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Microsoft developer announced the fix

Microsoft developer Eden Marie announced that a recent fix for Xbox 360 gamerimages on new consoles is now available for Insider users. Accordingly, the problem will soon end for end users.

The small 72×72 pixel Xbox 360 player profile pictures have always been a problem since the debut of next-gen consoles. The company has never been able to fully fix this issue on modern consoles. Microsoft engineers initially tried to fit the square shapes into the modern round gamerpic by scaling the icons to the correct size. Later, he created a temporary solution to the problem by enabling the transparency feature for a flawless look.

However, the transparency feature has been deprecated due to the fact that square images look different from regular player images. And it was made translucent. Afterwards, the problem, which was finally completely fixed, was presented to Xbox Alpha Ring in the first place and then to Alpha Skip Ahead users.

Finally, the fix, which was introduced to Insider users, is expected to reach all users in the near future.

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