Wyoming Wants to Ban Electric Vehicles by 2035

Wyoming, the least populated rural state in the US, submitted a proposal to the legislature to ban electric vehicles by 2035.

Wyoming, the least populated state in the US, is home to mountains as far as the eye can see, local culture, cowboys and with some of the locals riding the bull It is a place that has become famous and even made a lot of humor about it. However, the state has managed to attract attention all over the world with a proposal they recently submitted to the parliament.

Wyoming, led by the “Republicans”, the conservative and radical right-wing party of the USA, recently proposed to the state legislature to use electric cars in the state. wants to ban it by 2035. There are many reasons behind this desire.

Electric vehicles are not suitable for both state and citizens

to the Wyoming legislature SJ0004 In the proposal, presented with the code, it is recommended to ban the sale and use of electric vehicles in the state by 2035. The reason why the ban is until 2035 is that all states of the USA will be in 2035. Deciding to switch completely to electric vehicles. In the proposal presented by 4 senators and 2 representatives, there are several articles and explanations about why Wyoming is not suitable for electric vehicles.

First of all, we should state that the largest income sources of the least populated state of the USA are petroleum, petroleum products (mainly gasoline and diesel) and agriculture. This is why gasoline prices in Wyoming are even lower than the US average, and almost all citizens large-capacity pickup trucks and similar vehicles are available. According to the prepared report and previous surveys, most of the citizens use electric vehicles. oversized toys and they state that they cannot use these vehicles neither in the places where they work nor in the fields. Of course, at this point, let’s say that the people of Wyoming were raised according to the cowboy culture and almost everyone spends a lot of time in the mountainous lands. Moreover 2000-2500 cm3 Let us remind you that even vehicles below the engine volume are not preferred in the state.

The second biggest reason is Wyoming’s size and distribution. In the state, which is mostly farmland and public land, settlements are usually consists of small towns and farms. For this reason, it is extremely difficult to establish electric car charging stations in the province. Therefore, as of January 2023, it is currently in Wyoming. There is not even a single charging station..


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The Wyoming legislature has not stated what it thinks about the proposal at this time, but the adoption of this proposal will be followed by other states and later. in many places around the world ban electric vehicles by 2035 why could it be.

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