WWII Ships Sunk in Ring of Fire Resurface

Sunken ships that have risen since the 2000s due to seismic volcanic activity on an island in Japan have come to light this year. US warships, sunk during World War II, are now lying on the beach, rotten.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the region called ‘Ring of Fire’ takes its name from the endless volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. These activities in the Ring of Fire, which is one of the most seismically unstable regions in the world, the emergence of temporary and permanent islands. why is this happening. The land borders, which have changed due to these activities recently, have caused much more interesting images this time.

The seismic movements that occurred in the region called Iwo Jima, in the south of Japan, brought the warships from the Second World War to the surface again. Located in the region where the war was very intense, Iō Tō The rotten ships that appeared on the shores of the island reminded us again of the terrible war that had a great role in shaping the modern world.

They go up a few inches each year.

The island, which rises from 25 centimeters to 76 centimeters every year, is the place where ships come to the region. It was about 15 meters lower in 1945. According to the information obtained after the ships were noticed, the ships here were not ships anchored in the area, especially for offensive purposes. After capturing the island, the US Navy pulled these ships ashore as a breakwater for port construction.


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In addition, the ships did not surprise us by suddenly crossing the water surface out of nowhere, of course. your ships since 2006 There are photos taken from above, and the height they travel each year can be easily seen with the eye. The ships, which also have images from the war, lie on the black sands untouched for decades, as they are rarely visited by civilians.

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