World’s Largest Toad Discovered

The world’s largest toad has been discovered in Conway national park in the north of Australia. It looks like the frog will break the record of the last record holder with its weight.

Big big spiders, sweetly climbing koalas, kangaroos wrestling among themselves, and the real Tasmanian devil… animal kingdom in australia We all know how strange and surprising it is.

Among these oddities, a shocking discovery was made in the past few days. With its weight in the rainforests of northern Australia a toad to set a world record found.

Introducing ‘Toadzilla’:

Discovered by wildlife patrol, toad inspired by Godzilla’Toadzilla‘ was named. The frog surprised the experts with its size.

Described by wildlife patrol Kylee Gray as “like a soccer ball with feet”, this giant frog is a total when put on the scale. 2.7 kilograms came. The frog is already a candidate to enter the Guinness Book of Records with its weight.


The largest toad ever discovered, which entered the Guinness Book of Records, was discovered in 1991. 2.65 kilogram Prinsen was.

The species of frog harms plants in Australia:


This giant frog, which stunned many people, was brought to Australia in 1935 in 100 pieces. Rhinella marina (reed frog) genus This species has reached a population of 200 million today and has become one of the most damaging organisms to plants in Australia.

According to Kylee Gray, a frog the size of Toadzilla can eat anything that can fit in its mouth.


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Source : in-australia

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