World’s First ‘Moon Motorcycle’ Concept Introduced

German motorcycle design company named Hookie introduced the world’s first ‘Moon Motorcycle’ concept design. It was also announced by the company that the vehicle is much lighter than standard space vehicles and the transportation cost is much less.

The space race, which started in the 1950s, continues today thanks to technology. it’s getting hotter. Especially into the SpaceX and Blue Origin This race has reached a whole new level with the entry of companies such as

When this is the case, technology and design companies are also trying to make a name for themselves in this space race. doing his best. The motorcycle design brand Hookie is the first in the world to make an ambitious entry into the space race. the moon motorcycle announced its design.

An unusual “Moon motorcycle” concept

The only living thing that can live in all conditions tardigradeThe motorcycle, named after the ‘s, is one of the space vehicles used by astronauts. it is much lighter explaining that the vehicle will be a much more logical transportation vehicle that can be produced much cheaper. claims.

According to the information provided by Interesting Engineering, the cost of sending a 1 kg payload to space is approximately. $2,270 holding. Weight of standard spacecraft used by astronauts 210 kg ($476,000), while Hookie’s motorcycle named Tardigrad is only 139 kg It weighs ($315,000). This weight difference between the two vehicles can be used in critical space missions. saving both load and cost will be of great benefit.

“Tardigrade doesn’t have to follow any rules”

Nico and Sylvia Müller, the founders of Hookie, announced that they were first inspired by the digital drawings of designer Andrew Fabishevskiy in the design of the motorcycle. After getting his permission, he developed the design in real dimensions and a working electric motorcycle very much in the design of the vehicle by the producing team. time and effort spending was announced.

Nico Müller states that the vehicle they produce does not have to comply with any traffic and aerodynamic rules, and thus they can act more freely. focused on lightening the vehicle explained. The body of the motorcycle, which uses light metal, thin aluminum and 3D printed parts, is the body of the motorcycle. almost transparent was specially designed to be

The motorcycle is made of small parts and is in space, in case any part breaks or breaks. parts can be changed easily. was also announced.


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Nico Müller,” NASA knows about our Tardigrad project. Collaborating with NASA on this issue in the future it will make us very happy.He explained that there could be a possible partnership with NASA.

Tardigrad at the Petersen Automotive Museum in the USA in mid-October will be exhibited for the first time.

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