World on alert: New COVID-19 variant detected

South Africascientists in a new COVID-19 variant announced their discovery. They noted that this variant has a large number of mutations, increasing the number of infections. The number of daily cases in South Africa, which was most affected by the pandemic in the African continent, since the beginning of the month 10 times It increased.

virologist Tulio de Oliveira “Unfortunately, we have identified a new variant in South Africa that is a cause for concern,” he said in an emergency press conference. Here are the details of the new coronavirus mutation…

Coronavirus precaution for children from Facebook

Following the report released by the FDA, Facebook announced that it will address misinformation about coronavirus for children.

New COVID-19 variant doubles case numbers

Scientists have determined that the scientific name of the variant in question B.1.1.529 declared that. They stressed that this variant “has a very high number of mutations.” Tulio de Oliveira, “Unfortunately, it’s causing a resurgence of infections.” said.

New COVID-19 variant

new COVID-19 variant According to the researcher who spoke about it, the World Health Organization may today give the variant a Greek name. This variant is Botswana and Hong KongIt has also been detected in people from South Africa. WHO also announced that it is “closely monitoring” the variant in question. In addition, WHO will decide today in which category the variant should be listed.

“Initial analyzes show that this variant requires further study and has a large number of mutations,” WHO explained. With this, South African Health Minister Joe Phaahla spoke on the subject. He stated that the variant is a cause of “serious concern” and that cases have increased exponentially recently. He added that the reason behind this increase is the new variant.

The daily number of infections in South Africa was 106 earlier in the month. to one thousand 200 output. The state-owned National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD) in the country after genomic sequencing B.1.1.529 variant in 22 positive cases Said it was detected. Meanwhile, the variant is more youth They claimed to have spread among them.

Worrying findings: The new variant has 10 mutations!

Scientists announced their important findings about the new COVID-19 variant. Although delta carries two mutations and beta three mutations, this variant has at least 10 mutations they detected. WHO’s COVID-19 technical leader Maria Van Kerkhove “It will take a few weeks before we understand what impact this variant has on any potential vaccine,” he said at a virtual press conference. said.

coronavirus mutations
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from South African scientists Penny MooreHe said neutralizing the variant is “complicated because of the number of mutations this variant contains.” He continues, “This variant carries many mutations that we are not familiar with.” said.

Today European union made a statement. Accordingly, in order to avoid the new variant, the union reported that they suspended their flights to South Africa. It is only a matter of time before this proposal comes into effect. Same way England has also suspended flights to South Africa (and five other countries) due to the new COVID-19 variant.

Israel has identified a person carrying the new COVID-19 variant

Israel Ministry of Health, made an important announcement today. Accordingly, Israel announced that they detected the new variant in a person in their country.

coronavirus pandemic

In the statement, MalawiThey stated that a new variant was found in a person returning from . They also added that they quarantined two people returning from abroad.

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