Working On A Meta Decentralized Social Media App

Social media giant Meta is working on a new decentralized social media app.

In the news made by Tech Crunch on March 10 and based on the statements of a Meta spokesperson, the company has a new decentralized application It was stated that he was working on it. Code name “P92” target audience of this product social media users and content producers will be.

The product, which is stated to be still under development, Instagram It was stated that it will allow you to log in with the login information. The product, which will work integrated with other products of Meta, is based on an open source software protocol. ActivityPubIt was emphasized that he would support

Other details provided decentralized app that the company will adhere to the current privacy policy and additionally address data sharing between applications. will have an additional privacy policy expressed.

In the first version of the app, it is familiar to social media. follower, taste, user First Name, verification badges fields such as On the other hand, in the statement made by the team, no detailed information was shared about whether the commenting and messaging features will be included in the first version of the product.

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