“Wolfgang 001”: The Bundeswehr’s new secret WEAPON – domestic politics

The robot dog “Wolfgang 001” runs towards the front on pointed steel paws. A drone takes off from his back and delivers live videos of the enemy to the tank grenadiers behind him – directly on their displays. The Bundeswehr’s new secret WEAPON!

► Here the Bundeswehr fights according to the motto: “Digitize or die!”

The Örtzetal barracks in Munster (Lower Saxony), test association of the army for digitization (111 employees). Here we try out what will be vital for the troops on the battlefield in the future.

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“This formation could actually fight in two to four years,” says Brigadier General Frank Pieper (57).

Brigadier General Frank Pieper (57)Photo: Ralf Günther

All over the world, digital upgrading is often done regardless of the law. “If we do not develop fast enough technologically, we will lose out in combat,” said Pieper.

BILD explains the battlefield of the future …

GTK boxers

The German Armed Forces GTK Boxer

The German Armed Forces GTK BoxerPhoto: Ralf Günther

It is the “mothership of the infantry” (720 hp, 7.93 meters long, 103 km / h fast).

The armored transport vehicle capable of night combat is available in six different vehicle versions, e.g. as a command tank or rescue vehicle. There is space for ten soldiers on board. The eight-wheeled boxer is armed with a grenade machine launcher (40 mm).

Mission Master Silent Partner (SP)

The Mission Master Silent Partner (SP) of the Bundeswehr

The Mission Master Silent Partner (SP) of the BundeswehrPhoto: Ralf Günther

With this autonomous unnamed land vehicle (almost three meters long), the infantrymen no longer have to haul equipment, food or ammunition. The “Mission Master” can transport a payload of up to 600 kilos.

With the help of sensors, cameras and an electric motor with an operating time of up to eight hours, the car follows the soldiers almost silently through the area


A miniature quadrocopter of the Bundeswehr - it can stay in the air for 10-15 minutes

A miniature quadrocopter of the Bundeswehr – it can stay in the air for 10-15 minutesPhoto: Ralf Günther

The test is initially carried out with a commercially available miniature quadrocopter (10x10x5 cm, approx. 80 g in weight). It transmits a video image with a resolution of 1280 x 720 (720p), can remain in the air for approx. 10-15 minutes – how you can extend the time considerably is also being researched.

Drones are used by soldiers for autonomous reconnaissance at close range, especially for exploring buildings.

A reconnaissance drone of the Bundeswehr drone

A reconnaissance drone of the BundeswehrPhoto: Ralf Günther

Walking robot

“Wolfgang – 001” is the Bundeswehr’s new secret weaponPhoto: Ralf Günther

“Wolfgang – 001” is over a meter long, weighs 30 kg and can be operated for approx. 90 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

The autonomous “dog” (costs from 63,000 euros) can be used by soldiers to clear up terrain or buildings, to have loads carried, or drones can be launched from its back.

“Wolfgang – 001” in action with Bundeswehr soldiersPhoto: Ralf Günther

It is controlled by a data glove for recording hand and finger movements with haptic feedback.

Infantryman of the future (IdZ)

This is the name of the Bundeswehr’s modernization program, and NATO calls it “Future Soldier”. The soldiers’ personal combat equipment is to be improved and networked with it.

These include visors, lasers, lamps, night vision devices, but also clothing that provides information from the body.

Networking is the key word when it comes to equipping Bundeswehr soldiers

Networking is the key word when it comes to equipping Bundeswehr soldiersPhoto: Ralf Günther

Under the protective vest there is an “electronic back” that contains computers, radios, GPS receivers and batteries.