Winners of Parody Nobel Prizes Announced

The winners of the Ig Nobel Awards, organized by Harvard University for the 31st time this year, have been announced. The categories that attracted the most attention at the event were medicine and economics. Here are this year’s winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes, a parody of the real Nobel Prizes.

One of the most prestigious universities in the world Harvardhas been organizing a parody version of the world-famous Nobel Prizes for years. “Ig Nobel PrizesThe event, called “” and held for the 31st time this year, is known for rewarding scientific studies that are considered meaningless and absurd.

The winners of the Ig Nobel Prizes, held online this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, are quite strange works it happened. Olcay Cem Bulut, Dare Oladokun, Burkard Lippert and Ralph Hohenberger with the participation of 18 couples.The effect of having an orgasm on nasal congestion“, so to speak, was chosen as the most ridiculous medical scientific research of the year. For those wondering about the result of the research; yes, having an orgasm is good for nasal congestion. According to the study, couples who had orgasm were breathing more easily for 60 minutes after orgasm.

“The bigger the belly of the politicians, the more corruption in the country”

Harvard University, which also gives awards in the field of economics, drew attention to a research that should be emphasized this year. conducted by the French researcher Pavlo Blavatskyy and focusing on politicians research was awarded. According to this scientific study, the more obese the politicians in a country, the more corruption rate it was just that much…

Another name worthy of the award within the scope of the Ig Nobel Prizes was the veterinarian named Robin Radcliffe. Radcliffe and his team found that rhinos were transported by air in a study they carried out. hanging their feet in the air They proved to be better. This method, which is inconceivable for a normal person, to protect animals It was one of the studies. Speaking of animals; The award-winning research in biology was the discovery that cats consciously change their voices when sharing information. Also, picking up chewed gum on the sidewalks A group of scientists doing research was also awarded in the ecology category.


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Speaking of Nobel Prizes; It would be impossible to pass without mentioning the Peace Prize. Ig Nobel Peace PrizeThe cauldrons of ‘s were scientists named Ethan Beseris, Steven Naleway and David Carrier. These scientists to grow a beard They found that he was protecting the face. According to a study conducted at the University of Utah, the layer formed by the beard on the face provides protection for the weak areas of the face.

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