Winner Announced at Ferrari’s Home in Formula 1

Ricciardo from the McLaren team became the winner of the Italian GP held at the Monza track in Italy, which is considered the home of Ferrari.

The second half of the season in Formula 1, triple header It was opened with a program called three races in a row. The last of these three races was held at the Monza track in Italy. The race was the scene of quite contentious moments.

Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas, who took the first place in both the qualifying laps and yesterday’s sprint race, started the race from the last row as his car’s engine was changed. on the other hand McLaren Mercedes The team started off pretty well. Ricciardo beat Verstappen at the start and moved up to first place in the race.

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The longest-running race Max Verstappen pitted. Hamilton pitted as well after Verstappen made an 11-second pit stop. After Verstappen made a pit stop of 11.1 seconds and Hamilton 4.2 seconds, the two drivers came one by one. Then Verstappen’s car climbed onto Hamilton’s car.

When the race restarts after the safety car laps Ricciardo ranked first. After a brisk start, Lando Norris beat Leclerc to move up to second place. Leclerc He then fell behind Bottas and regressed to fifth place.

Passing off the runway during his pass red bull driver Sergio Perez was also penalized for 5 seconds. However, by keeping the Mexican driver Bottas behind for a long time, he eliminated his opponent’s chance to win the race. Thus, he contributed to Red Bull for the constructors’ championship.

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The McLaren team, which reached the top of the race, took the first step of the podium once again years later. Ricciardo won the race, while Lando Norris took the second place and the oranges made a double. third place Perez Even though he received a penalty, Mercedes driver Bottas, who started from the end, managed to climb the podium from the fourth place.

Formula 1’s next race will be held in Russia. And then at IstanbulPark In our country, vehicles will be on the track.