Windows announces feature that will copy text in photos

An upcoming feature coming to Windows 11 will allow you to select and copy text inside photos synced from your Android phones. You will no longer need to take extra steps to copy text from a photo. Here are the details of the new feature…

Windows Phone Link connects your phone and computer and syncs your calls, messages, notifications and photos. This feature, known as “Link to Windows” on the phone side, provides great convenience to Android users. Unfortunately, there aren’t the same comprehensive features for iOS users; Only notifications, messages and calls can be synchronized via Bluetooth.


Let’s get to the point. Thanks to Phone Link’s new feature, you will be able to select and copy the texts in the photos you synchronize from your Android phone. Windows’ Snipping Tool gained this feature last year.

Last call from Microsoft for Windows 10!Last call from Microsoft for Windows 10!

Last call from Microsoft for Windows 10!

Support for Windows 10 is ending. Microsoft has said that users will not receive Windows 10 updates anytime soon.

Now Phone Link takes this experience one step further. You will now be able to copy text from a photo directly from within the application, without needing an extra tool. Those who have tried the feature and say the results are not bad. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function works well overall, but can sometimes be a bit more inaccurate than Samsung and Apple’s text extractors.

4 ways to send photos and videos from iOS to Android without sacrificing quality!4 ways to send photos and videos from iOS to Android without sacrificing quality!

So, for long texts it may still make more sense to use cross-device copy and paste. However, for short texts and quick transactions this new feature is quite sufficient. This feature is currently active in Release Preview Insider builds and will be available to everyone very soon.

This feature, which is a great innovation for Windows 11 users, will provide great convenience, especially in business and daily use. You can now open a photo and directly copy the text in it. How did you find this feature? You can write your opinions in the comments section below.

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