Windhorst and Hertha – a disaster with announcement

Banner against Windhorst at the Hertha home game

A lesson in the clash between an uninhibited big capitalist and stubborn club bosses.

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Dusseldorf That football fans have a schizophrenic relationship with money is well documented. The same Schalke supporters who call Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp a son of a bitch cheered under the Gazprom logo for years. Gladbach fans berate RB Leipzig as a “pure brand product” while their team is sponsored by Audi, Bitburger and Puma.

So Lars Windhorst should have known better. The financial investor has invested 374 million euros in Hertha BSC Berlin since 2019. Windhorst wanted to play in the Champions League with the capital club. In the first year after joining, the team ended up in 10th place in the table, a year later in 14th place, most recently Hertha was almost relegated.

The whole project is a disaster. A lesson in the clash between an uninhibited big capitalist and stubborn club bosses. Lars Windhorst never took the management of Hertha BSC seriously, just spent his money. There was whispering and teasing behind the scenes.

Dirt buckets are poured out

Windhorst reacted as he always does: with all means. Now the buckets of dirt are publicly poured out. This game knows no winners. The club is in turmoil, Windhorst may have to face criminal charges for the alleged use of detectives against ex-president Werner Gegenbauer.

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The worst thing about the drama is that it never ends. Windhorst has offered Hertha to buy back its shares for 374 million euros. The club cannot pay. You can’t think of anyone else who wanted that. So Hertha and Windhorst remain chained together.

Fans can now paint new hate posters everywhere in the Bundesliga. The false morality remains. Uli Hoeneß, a convicted tax fraudster, is honorary president of the league’s flagship club, and FC Bayern has been traveling to the slave state of Qatar for years to train. The following applies: money only stinks as long as it doesn’t score goals.

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