Will Turkish youth develop Togg’s payment system?

Digital Turkey Blockchain Hackhaton DIGIIATHON 2022 has been completed. Blockchain Hackhaton, where 24 teams competed for 30 hours, was marked by e-Government and Togg integrated blockchain projects! The final of the hackhaton, whose pre-selection phase was held online on Saturday, October 15, in the form of multiple choice questions and answers, was held in Istanbul on 12-13 November.

e-Government and Togg projects left their mark: Togg payment system

As a result of the examinations, 24 teams that were successful in the qualifying stage competed in the 30-hour marathon in the final stage to be held in Istanbul on 12-13 November. The main purpose of the Digital Turkey Blockchain Hackathon, which was held for the first time this year with the theme of Digital Turkey services, is for the participants to develop their skills in the field of blockchain and Digital Turkey services with a blockchain infrastructure or present it as a new idea.

In this context, the competitors, who will apply from universities, public institutions or companies throughout Turkey, will form teams of maximum five people and demonstrate their competencies for services that are used and can be used in real life. The development was carried out in 2 stages as Preliminary and Final in the Avalanche testnet to be created at the CBDDO locale.

How hot does the Togg burn?  How much is the flight from Istanbul to Ankara?

How hot does the Togg burn? How much is the flight from Istanbul to Ankara?

How much does the Togg, Turkey’s first electric domestic car, burn? How many cents does it burn per km on the journey from Istanbul to Ankara?

After the pre-selection, the final stage, in which 24 finalist teams consisting of 88 competitors from 10 different cities participated in Istanbul, lasted for 30 hours. In this marathon, the competing teams took the first steps in writing new services that might be suitable for use in the e-Government Gateway or the existing services of the blockchain technology on the e-Government Gateway.

At the end of the hackathon, we talked to the President of the Presidency Digital Transformation Office, Ali Taha Koç, about the event. We leave you alone with the video. Will Turkish youth make the Togg payment system? Enjoy watching…

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